Healthy Living Challenge Benchmark WOD:

The following lifts will be the baseline for the challenge, Ensure that all reps are accurate and they are recorded on the whiteboard. You will have 2 more opportunities to complete the workout during open gym this week if you can make it today. Results will be closed Saturday after open gym. Makes sure to record the weights used and the total number of reps for each portion.

Both Lifts are completed within the time frames given, the score is the number of reps completed at the chosen weight for each lift. When choosing a weight please choose a manageable weight that you can get 5+ reps of in a set. You are allowed to rest as needed within the time frame.

2mins AMRAP Bench Press (Choose a weight) (Males-75/95/135/185/205) (Females-45/65/85/105/135)

-Rest 5mins

2min AMRAP Back Squat (Choose a weight) (Males-75/95/155/225) (Females-65/85/125/155)

-Rest 5mins

8min AMRAP:
5 Thrusters (95/65)
10 Over the Bar Burpees (Lateral)
*Modify as Needed