Remember that the $30 is due today for the Atlantic Regionals T shirts!

It is finally time to Fill that last Spot on the record board!!!!

FRAN Friday!!!!!!!!!!

For Time:
Thrusters (95/65)

Rest 5mins…then the following depending on Fran time

Fran 1:45-2:50- Run 1 mile for time
Fran 2:51-4:15- Run 800m for time
Fran 4:16-6:15- Run 400m for time
Fran 6:16+ Run 200m for time

Optional: If time permits and you still have legs and the Fran cough isn’t too bad then complete:

Thrusters (115/85)
C2B Pullups

*Time Cap of 22mins for all work


We are selling shirts to raise money to cover our Regionals expenses. If you aren’t at the gym but would like to order one, send us an email to cjones@crossfit-northcharleston.com and let us know the style (unisex tee, bro tank, or women’s tank) and size. Orders and money are due by Friday 4/29!

Bench press 5×10

For Time:
KB swings (70/53)
Burpee box jumps


With a partner complete the following for time:
100 DB snatches (75/55-alternate every 10 reps)
2 rope climbs
100 burpees (alternate every 20 reps)
2 rope climbs
100 box overs (alternate every 25 reps)
2 rope climbs
200 wall balls (aternate every 50 reps)
*25 min time cap