Catching up for the Spring Season! Here is what we have going on over the next few weeks:
Training: As your legs can tell we have started another Strength Block, don’t worry, more PBRs to come! We will be getting back to doing what we do best, Having some fun and getting some serious training in!
Gym: We have concluded our Open Season and here is what 365 days of training and a superb environment gets you:

Dewayne- 5th Worldwide (55-59yrs old)(1st SE Region)
Kyle- 22nd SE Region (1st Firefighter SE Region)
Christian-44th SE Region (1st LEO in SE Region)
Rachel-24th SE Region (1st LEO in SE Region)
Lauren-31st SE Region (1st Military in SE Region)
Team Score: 11th SE Region

We will open workouts during Apr. 21-25th for others to help Dewayne in the Regional Qualifiers to get him back to the Games for that Podium Spot! Stay tuned!

Atlantic Regionals will be held May 20-22nd in HotLanta!

Competitions: We have 12 or so athletes competing April 16th at Pale Horse CrossFit downtown, come out to show your support (Open gym will be from 8-10am)

We will be hosting the “Summer Showdown” on June 11-12th. Volunteers are needed for judging and athlete wrangling! There are limited spots for competitors so if you want to participate or know someone who does let them know!

July 19-24th Carson, California: Reebok CrossFit Games?