Congratulations to Marissa Barnard, our June Athlete of the Month!! Her never ending energy and enthusiasm for CrossFit and life inspire us every day. Keep up the hard work, Marissa!!

Athlete Profile- Marissa Barnard

What makes you, you?
Humor comes first because I love to laugh and I love to make others laugh, and if you’ve ever seen me do karaoke’s during the warm up you’d know all about that! Aside from humor I would say being positive and cursing, because positivity breads positivity and if you don’t curse then I don’t trust you.

Describe your experience at CFNC.
Bar none, hands down the absolute best. The coaching is really unlike anything else Ive ever experienced. Since being a member at CFNC I have become such a better athlete. Not just that, my desire to be better at everything I do is fueled by being around such amazing likeminded people, athletes, coaches and friends.

What are your major life goals?
How do you think CrossFit will help you achieve them
My major life goal is to move back to California and sit on the beach and smoke funny things. In addition to moving to Cali and being a hippie, I hope to keep striving to live outside of the box. Crossfit will help me because it teaches me to continue pushing myself and testing myself.

What has been your favorite CrossFit moment so far?
The first time I RX’d pull-ups. Ohhhhhh so sweet. And when the 10am class was added, because we rock.

What are your three major CrossFit goals?
To be able to do the prescribed weight in almost every wod, to get handstand push-ups, and last but not least to get abs.

What has been your favorite CrossFit WOD and why?
Any Chipper! I get bored in my head and I suck at counting so AMRAPS aren’t my thing. Chippers keep me on my toes!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Happily Married to my nice Catholic boy, being a stellar mom and having a smoke show for a body.

Share a recipe for a favorite clean meal.
If you have one 🙂
Travis is the cook, so you’d have to ask him ☺!

What is your favorite cheat meal?
Sushi and Sugar

What is the most challenging aspect of CrossFit?
Getting out of my head and Knowing that if I try something that makes me uncomfortable I can probably do it.. or almost do it and not die. So basically just getting out of my own way.

What do you hope to achieve through CrossFit?
I hope to achieve overall health and well being for myself and to set an example to my kids that being an athlete is awesome and video games suck.

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