Congratulations to our July Athlete of the Month, Spencer Kerce!! He’s been with us so long, it’s like he’s family! Spence has grown so much since starting at CFNC on the first day our doors opened and we’re so glad he’s stayed with us. Many things at CFNC (logo on wall, any CFNC sign or decal ever made, new wall art, etc.) wouldn’t be possible without his artistic talent and dedication. Thanks Spence!

Athlete Profile: Spencer Kerce
Describe your experience at CFNC.
 I hate to sound so cliché but it has been a life changer. Not only physically but mentally as well. I have caught myself outside of the box thinking to not say ” I can`t” do something. It is a good place for positive motivation. It has brought me closer to family members (thanks for having me Craig and Cara). I also have made new friends with like minded people.       
What are your major life goals?
 Well I have been restoring a car since forever and it would be nice to finish it.
What has been your favorite CrossFit moment so far?
 I did a strict bar muscle up once.
What are your three major CrossFit goals?
Get better at Crossfit in every way, compete more and be safe while I am doing it.
What has been your favorite CrossFit WOD and why?
I’m always down to do partner workouts and WODs that push my personal weaknesses. If I have to pick one WOD I’m going to say “DT”. Its a brutal workout and I see some kind of improvement every time I have done it.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Running a fab shop with a bunch of sick tools.
Share a favorite recipe.
4 pieces of bacon, 3 eggs, cheese, wrap…Yahtzee breakfast burrito.
What is your favorite cheat meal?
Ben & Jerry`s Phish food or Americone dream.
What is the most challenging aspect of CrossFit?
  Dealing with ego issues when I’m not as good as other people in movements.

What advice would you give to anyone just starting CrossFit?
  Form is more important than the number your hitting.
What is a good sound to PR to or your personal walk out song?
  The Ghost Inside -Deceiver
  I’m only saying that because Cara played some of it one day and I PR`ed my snatch.

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