Strong-man/woman Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-15min D-Ball practice and sandbag drags
– Each athlete completes 2 passes with sandbag drag during this time 150/60

Team Workout: Each class is a team (team name should reflect class atmosphere)

For Time: 1 mile Yoke Carry (with 4 25# plates minimum) (class may choose to add weight for score be SMART) (each team must also carry 2 30# sandbags and 60# sandbag)(each athlete minus 1 will also carry 35/24 KB in each arm)
-Every time athletes switch every athlete must complete 5 Thrusters with object in hands, last person on Yoke rest. Males must break after 150m or when the coach says switch

-Modify as needed
-Not every athlete has to do a Yoke Carry
-Weight can be stripped for Yoke Carry must be carried by other team members
-All equipment must make it back into the gym
-Axel Bars can be loaded and carried if more equipment is needed
-30min Time Cap


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