Four Partner Team:

Each Athlete Chooses one Workout to complete towards the team’s score (total time)

Athlete 1- “Karen” (150 Wallballs, 20/14)
Athlete 2- “Randy” (75 Snatches, 75/55)
Athlete 3- “Isabel” (30 Snatches, 135/95)
Athlete 4- “Diane” (21-15-9, Deadlifts 225/155, HSPU)

-If Athlete #1 has not completed “Karen” at the 8min Mark, Athlete #2 may begin “Randy”. Athlete #1 still completes “Karen”.
-Athlete #3 can begin “Isabel” at the 15min Mark if Athlete #2 has not completed “Randy”.
-Athlete #4 can begin “Diane” at the 20min Mark, if Athlete #3 has not completed “Isabel”
-All Athletes must complete workouts before the time cap for timed score. If an athlete is still working at the time cap the score is time cap +remaining reps

-30 min Time Cap for entire workout