Remember we will be hosting the Lift Up Autism Event this Saturday from 9am-11am!!! There will be no Open gym during these hours. Doors will be open before 9am and we will run heats every 6-8mins as people fill them.

2 Partner Team 15min AMRAP:
40 Thrusters (75/55)
20 T2B
10 DB Snatch (75/55)
-Thruster weight increases each round, RD1 (75/55), RD2 (95/65), RD3 (115/85), RD4 (135/95), RD5 (155/105), RD6 (185/125) RD7…etc (185/125)
-Modify AS Needed
-Partners Use same Barbell if at all possible

-Rest 3mins then…..

3min Max Distance Handstand Walk or (Bear Crawl)
-Athlete must Walk 50ft before next athlete can start
-Athlete must Bear Crawl 100ft before next athlete can start