Happy New Year Everyone!! Tomorrow, January 2, there is no 6am class or 10am class. All other classes are on! Also, we want to announce and congratulate our January 2017 Athlete of the Month, Zach Oster! Zach has been a dedicated CFNC athlete for nearly two years and has made great improvements since transitioning to CrossFit from his endurance background. If you don’t know Zach, just look for the guy first off the assault bike or first in the door on a mile run. Keep up the good work, Zach!

Athlete Profile- Zach Oster

What makes you, you?
I am a firm believer that everyone is the average of their environment and closest relationships. So with that being said My wife, family, and training at North Charleston make me who I am. I am fortunate that all three of these are extremely positive and upbeat influences.

Describe your experience at CFNC.
The experience has been a paradigm shift for me both athletically and professionally. As an endurance athlete and Physical Therapist I had a lot of doubt about the methodology and training philosophy that surrounds crossfit, but after about two years with CFNC my opinion and outlook have completed changed. I don’t think that would have happened if it weren’t for the environment and programming Craig and Cara create.

What are your major life goals?
I want to have an impact on inactivity and sedentary lifestyles which results in debilitating chronic disease. This is what drove me to be a Physical Therapist but I have a goal of expanding my influence beyond the individual patient level to influence my community and society as a whole.

What are your 3 major CrossFit goals?
20 consecutive HSPU, Even though I loath the idea of this movement.
Back squat 350 lbs, this is my barometer for getting over a fear of lifting heavy.
10 consecutive muscle ups

What has been your favorite CrossFit moment so far?
The first time I completed Grace. I tend to have a lot of difficulty with demanding barbell workouts but completing Grace in under 3 minutes my first time was proof of how far I have come training at CFNC.

What has been your favorite CrossFit WOD and why?
Murph or anything that’s body weight and 30 plus minutes. I like workouts that are low on skill and high on suffering.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself expanding my practice as a physical therapist by owning a rehab and performance business that helps people to maintain or initiate an active lifestyle. I hope to create a different model for rehabilitation since the current health care platform is not adequate to meet the needs of our population.

Share a recipe for a favorite clean meal.
Well I am married to a Cook so basically anything thing she comes up with is better than what I have to offer. But when I have to fend for myself I go with a sweet potato bowl and a side of coconut curried red cabbage.

It consists of one medium sized baked sweet potato as the base, layered with about a cup of grass-fed ground beef followed by a layer of two over easy eggs. All cooked in Kerigold butter. The cabbage side is thinly sliced red cabbage sautéed in coconut milk with curry power and extra chile power for a kick.

What is your favorite cheat meal?
Pretty much anything chocolate, especially oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

What is the most challenging aspect of CrossFit?
For me it is over analyzing lifts, which leads to doubt. If I could turn off my brain when going for heavy lifts I think I would be better off.

What advice would you give to someone new to CrossFit
Focus on movement quality. It is easy to get stronger when you move well. It is much harder to learn a new motor pattern once a bad one is ingrained

What is your personal “walkout song” or anthem?
Sky’s The Limit- Lil Wayne

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