Good Luck to our athletes that will be completing the Master’s Qualifier workouts and the Festivus Games this weekend! You can see the list of Master’s events Here! Our Masters will be completing the Workouts approximately 10am over the next few days if you want to come out and support, yell or scream obscenities!

Remember to complete the Gym Survey by Saturday afternoon.

17min AMRAP+Assault Bike Calories: (3 partner Teams)

2 Rope Climbs
40 DU
20 T2B
*Partner#1 Starts on AMRAP
*Partner#2 Runs 200m (Controls the rotation)
*Partner#3 Assault Bike for Calories
* Follow Same Order (AMRAP, Run, Bike, AMRAP, Run, Bike….)
*modify as needed
*2 Scores