Great Work finishing off our strength cycle!!!! We had tons of PBRs on 3 different lifts and also on our “FGB” retest!!!

Hats off to everyone that made this cycle worth it!

We will be shifting gears into skill development and GPP before getting back into an Olympic/Power focus!!

Q&A for our Nutritional Challenge that we will begin next week this Wednesday before classes and Thursday before Open gym. If one of these times do not work catch Craig or Cara between classes.

12mins of Double Under Practice
-Work on Position
-Work on keeping consistent high jumps and coordination/timing
-If you have Double-unders go for 2 Max unbroken sets (Cap each set at 200)

For Time:

30 KB Swings (70/53)
10 T2B
50 DU
20 Kb Swings
20 T2B
50 DU
10 KB swings
30 T2B
50 DU

*15min Time Cap
*Modify as Needed

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