Congrats to David F., Drew, Aaron, Spencer, Lauren H., Lauren P., Alicia, Andrea, Shawn, and Joey for taking their fitness on the road this weekend and crushing it at the Freedom Games!! And another big thanks to the super fans who cheered them on!! Way to represent CFNC!

If you’re doing the 800g challenge, you can claim a bonus point if you get a friend or family member not on the challenge to join in for at least one day this week. Record their name and your point in your log if successful!

For Time:
Front Squat (155/105)
Bar Facing Burpees


Good Luck to all of our competitors heading up to the Freedom Games in Greenwood this weekend!!!

Complete 4 Intervals of: (with a partner)

4min AMRAP:

10 Sandbag/D-Ball Cleans (150/100)
12 Lateral Burpees over Bag/Ball
AMRAP 25′ Front rack carries in remaining time
-Rest 4mins

*Modify as Needed
*Score is 1 rep per 25′


15mins Ring Muscle Up Skill/Transition work
-Hollow/arch swings
-Ring Support Holds
-Banded Transitions
-Strict MU work

20 DB Push Press (50/35)(alt arms every 10 reps)
60 DU
-12min Time Cap
*Modify as Needed