Thanks to all who came out for our Women’s Workshop!!!

Partner WOD:

10min AMRAP:
30 Box step overs (50/35 each hand)(20″)
30 Cal Row

Rest 3mins

10mins to complete:
800m Farmers Carry (53/35) (athlete must carry both at a time)(switch any time)(if finished before 10mins rest remaining time)


*Reminder* We are hosting a few things this week:

Aug. 30th, 6:30pm: Womens Health Workshop
Sept. 1st, 9am: “Saved by the Barbell” (Gym opens at 8:30am for warm up)

6sets: 1 Clean +2 front Squats (Use a moderate weight for complex, up to 85% of Clean) (2 weight changes) (DO NOT MAX CLEAN)

10min clock for Completion:
3mins L-Sit Hold (rings/Paralettes/weight stack/Hanging)
3mins Hollow Body Hold (may add weight)
*Break as needed


Good Luck to all of our athletes traveling and competing at the “Famously Hot Showdown” this weekend!!!!

Partner WOD:

2 Intervals:
3min AMRAP
40/30 Cal Assault Bike (Co-ed 40)
AMRAP Deadlifts (225/155)
*Rest 4mins between each effort

2 Intervals:
3min AMRAP:
40/30 Cal Assault Bike (Co-ed 40)
12 Deadlifts (275/185)
AMRAP Bar facing burpees
*Rest 4mins Between each effort

-Score is total number of Reps!!!!
*Modify as needed