5×10 Front Squats *from the ground

(moderate/heavy set)
(work up through sets)
(a squat clean will count as 1st squat)

Partner Wod:
12min AMRAP:
5 Front Squat (115/85)
10 S2O
8 T2B

*Partners Alt Rds
*Modify as needed


For time:
10 Alt DB Snatch (50/35)
20 Double Unders

20 Alt DB Snatch
40 Double Unders

30 Alt DB Snatch
60 Double Unders

40 Alt DB Snatch
80 Double unders

50 Alt DB Snatch
100 Double Unders

*16min Time Cap


3 sets of:

-8 elevated Ring rows (:03 pause at top)(feet on box if possible)
-15 Plyometric pushups (use plate or Clapping)

4 intervals of:
500m row
400m run
25 airsquats
*2-3min rest between efforts


All classes back to normal this week!!!

Make sure to Double check Website/instagram for any possible change to the schedule M-W.

10mins to complete:
Strict Press
4X10 (from the ground) (work to mod/Heavy)

20 KB swings (70/53)
12 Pullups
20 AB mat situps