Congrats to Rob Putney our Mr. December!!! Since Rob has entered our doors he has been the epitome of hard work and determination!

Job Well Done!!! Parking spot is all yours!

What makes you,you?

Through out life this question has came up a few times and every time I over analyze it and think the answer cannot be that simple, but every time it comes back to one thing, FAMILY. My brothers, mom, wife and son have always been a guiding light to who and why I am me.
Describe your experience at CFNC.
I am a quiet and somewhat shy person, so walking into a gym with people I do not know is not something I would say is in my comfort zone. From the first time I walked into the door of CFNC I felt at home. The coaches and others members have been awesome and always willing to help me work toward my goals and encourage me to do things I was not sure I could do. Even coach David when he is yelling at me.
What are your major life goals?
My biggest goal is to be healthy enough that when I am older I can keep up with grandkids and be the coolest grandfather ever.
What are your 3 major crossfit goals?
1. Double unders
2. Double unders
3. Kick David Putney’s rear end everyday in the gym.
What has been your favorite Crossfit moment so far?
The first time I walked in the door at CFNC and did my first WOD.  I went in really nervous and also thinking this will be cool to try out, not really planning on making it  something I was going to continue doing. At the end of the WOD I was wrecked, but I was also wanting more. The way I was feeling after that WOD reminded me of how I felt after a wrestling match in high school, and I missed that feeling and did not even realize it until that day.
What has been your favorite crossfit WOD and why?
I would have to go with any WOD with burpees, I am good at falling down and getting up. I have done it my whole life.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Helping my son prepare for his future after high school and continuing to work on being a good human being.
Share a recipe for a favorite clean meal.
I stay very basic with meal prep, but my go to is chicken breast with baked brussels sprouts with cubed sweet potatoes or rice. I know pretty epic, but I do dip my chicken in hot sauce.
What is your favorite cheat meal?
I would have to go with pizza or wings, and any dessert that contains chocolate and peanut butter.
What is the most challenging aspect of crossfit?
Being patient and realizing some things take time to improve at, and to just stick with the process.
What advice would you give to someone new to crossfit?
Read the rules on the wall and follow them.
What is your personal “walkout song” or anthem?
Schism by Tool

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