Holiday schedule below:

12/22: “12 Days of Christmas WOD” during Open Gym (9am/10:30am)
12/24: Open Gym 10-12pm
12/25: Closed
12/26: Open gym 10-12pm
12/30: Holiday Gym Partay!!!!!!
12/31: Open gym 10-12pm
1/1: Closed

For Score: (3 Scores Rounds+ Reps)

8min AMRAP:
20/15 Cal Row
10 S2O (135/95)

Rest 2mins

8min AMRAP:
15/12 Cal AB
8 DB (Double hand) Hang C&J (50/35)(may use KB)

Rest 2mins

8min AMRAP:
100m run
5 Burpee to a 6″ target

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