Partner WOD’s:

7min AMRAP:
12/10 cal row
15 wallballs (30/20)

3 min rest

7min AMRAP:
12/10 cal AB
6 single arm OH walking lunge (50/35)
6 T2B

3 min rest

For time
60 wallballs (30/20)
120 Alt. DB Hang snatch (50/35)
(7min Cap)

*Ath #1 starts on WOD #1, Ath #2 starts on WOD #2. Athletes will then switch at 7min mark, completing the opposite workout. Both athletes will complete WOD #1&#2 then WOD #3 together for time.

*modify as needed
*3 scores total. Athletes combine rounds for each WOD. Time for WOD#3

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