7×3 of 1 1/4 Front squats (RPE 7-8 all sets)

For Quality Completion: (16min Cap)

5 sets of
8 Bench Press (Mod weight-all sets same weight)
22 walking lunges
8 Strict Pullups

*May add a DB on lunges
*May lift heavy……dont fail reps
*May do kipping Pullups after 2 strict each round


*Reminder to sign up for Blue Ropes course if you are interested in going….we will need 12 people to get group discount!

14 RFT: (With a Partner)

16 wallballs (20/14)
24 DU
3 MU

*Partners Alt rounds
*Modify MU with 5 Highest difficulty Pullups you can do

*24min Cap