Take 15mins to work on free Handstand Holds and Handstand Walks. Can use wall or box if unable to hold free hands stand.

5 sets for Quality:

250m Row (Sprint)
7 Plyo Close Grip Bench Press (Lightweight/concentrate on exploding off the chest)

-Rest as needed between sets


Athletes may choose to do 21.3/21.4 if they like….if you are signed up for the Open and haven’t done it yet, you need to do it! If you want to redo to tear your hands and risk Rhabdo to climb .01 spots on the leaderboard we would recommend you not do it.


2:00 Moderate Bike
15 Push ups
10 Russian KB swings (70/53)

*Should keep a conversation pace throughout!

*Should be able to Cheer at a moments notice if athletes are doing 21.3/21.4!



15 Front Squats (95/65)
30 T2B
15 Thrusters (95/65)
– 1min Rest
15 Front Squats
30 C2B Pullups
15 Thrusters
– 1min Rest
15 Front Squats
30 Bar MU
15 Thrusters

*15min Cap

Directly into 21.4

1 Deadlifts +1 Clean +1 Hang Clean + 1 Jerk

For Maximal Load
*7min Cap

*Please read and understand all movement standards and workout standards for your division


Make sure to sign up for Pre Order T shirts!!! Also if you signed up and logged all 3 Open workouts sign up for the Open T Shirt also!!!

CrossFit 21.3 will be released at 3pm EST!

**Open Gym will be from 4:45-6:30!