Day #1 of the Nutritional challenge starts today!

For Score: On a continuous clock

800m Burden Run (6min Cap)

12min AMRAP “Cindy”
-5 Pullups
-10 Push ups
-15 Air Squats

800m Burden Run

*Modify as needed
*3 Scores
*use 30/20lb slamballs for run


Don’t forget to sign up for the after the open party if you plan on attending. The potluck sign up is at the gym!

With a partner:

16min AMRAP:
16 Cal AB
16 DB Thrusters (50/35)
16 Lateral burpees over the DB



-Max Set Bench Press (M:BW W:3/4 BW)
-3 Strict Pullups +5 Kipping Pullups
-15 GHD Situps

* rest as needed between sets and movements

*Bench with a spot

*Score is Bench press Reps