12mins to accumulate 50 Shoulder taps
-Plank position
-Piked position
-Piked from a box
-Upside down on wall
-Freehandstand position

*start with most difficult variation then scale as you fatigue

For Time:
50 Wallballs (30/20 Slamball)
100 DU
10 Burpee Box Overs (24/20)

30 Wallballs
80 DU
20 Burpee Box Overs

10 Wallballs
60 DU
30 Burpee Box Overs

*17min Cap


Schedule for remainder of the week:

W: 4,5:15,6:30 only
TH: Closed no Open Gym
F: 9:30am (Group Session/“12 Days of Christmas”)
Sat: Closed
Mon: Limited hours (TBD)

On a 20min Clock:


Thrusters (95/65)

Rest 4mins

Box Overs (50/35)(24/20”) (single DB)
SA DB Hang Clean (50/35) (Switch arms every 5 Reps)

*Modify as Needed