Good luck to Whitney, Joe, And David who will be competing this weekend!!!

For Score: (With a Partner)

200 DU
20 MU
100 Thrusters (95/65)
100 AB Cals
100 Cal Row

*23min Cap

*Partners may complete in any order and sets of movements as they choose. Only one athlete can work at a time

**example you could choose to complete the workout chipper style or into rounds in any order you like.



2×10 (RPE 6)
3×8 (RPE 7)

*10’s stay the same
**8’s Should be challenging but no failures and all the same weight.

For completion: (14min Window)

-30 Glute Ham Raises (Medball hamstring curls for mod)
-50 Walking lunge (95/65)
-100 Abmat Sit ups

*Break up as needed to complete with class constraints
**Do not force Glute Ham Raises