Learn more about the Athletes of CFNC!

May 2018: Bethany Smith

April 2018: Jen Randall

March 2018: Shawn Montgomery

February 2018: Aaron Preston

January 2018: Colleen Chrien

December 2017: Michael Nicholas

November 2017: Max Sterling

October 2017: Glenn Creel

September 2017: Alicia Shuler

August 2017: Jennifer Steadham

July 2017: DeWayne Sapp

June 2017: Laura Fogle

May 2017: William Black

April 2017: Amy Carroll

March 2017: Tracy Peterka

February 2017: Brad Levander

January 2017: Zach Oster

December 2016: David Putney

November 2016: Jordan Siegal

October 2016: Joe Campbell

September 2016: Matt Chrien

August 2016: Kleber Wells

July 2016: Spencer Kerce

June 2016: Marissa Barnard

May 2016: Jerry McRae

April 2016: Katie Smith

March 2016: Amanda Wisher

February 2016: Marley Tisdall

January 2016: Kym Kline

December 2015: Jodi Peppin

November 2015: Gregg Hauptner

October 2015: Casey Havers

September 2015: Lauren Hogue and Lauren Pittman

August 2015: Mario Lovato

July 2015: Guy Van Horn

June 2015: Tessa Wyborny

May 2015: Brenda Sanchez

April 2015: Archie Stewart

March 2015: Rachel Sanders

February 2015: Joe Tyson

January 2015: Marika Kary

December 2014: Bradon Childs

November 2014: Susan Smits

October 2014: Lenny Laisin

September 2014: Shelby Vaughn

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