Body Pump!!!

3×8 DB strict Press (each arm)

*of DB or KB is to heavy do a push press)

3×15 Single arm DB Row (each arm)

4×12 Single arm Floor Press (bench press on ground)

1x400m run (80%)

1x400m run (85%)

1x400m run (90%)

1x400m run (95%)

*Rest as needed between sets


4×16 Split Squats (Use heaviest weight)(Significant other if need be)

For Time:

400m Run

21 KB swings

9 Burpees

400m Run

15 KB Swings

15 Burpees

400m Run

9 KB Swings

21 Burpees

**No equipment use a Dog/Cat or Bucket for the swings


April Fools day!!!!!

Happy Birthday Spencer!!!

For time:

30 Goblet Squats
30 Push ups
30 weighted step ups

50 Goblet squats
50 Push ups
50 weighted step ups

70 Goblet Squats
70 Pushups
70 Weighted Step ups

**No equipmennt workout
– airsquats
– Push ups
– dog/cat step ups