Congrats to Jefferson, Whitney, Mason, BH who competed this weekend at the FOTC! There were plenty of PRs floating around! Also congrats to Coach Laura for knocking out her Quarterfinal workouts for the CrossFit Season!

5×8 Deadlifts (RPE 7)

For Time:

50/40 Cal AB

50 Wallballs (30/20)

50 Push ups

*9min Cap


For the support of Laura doing the quarter finals this weekend, We all get a taste!

With a Partner: With a Running clock

CF Quarterfinals #1

3 rounds of:
10 strict handstand push-ups
10 dumbbell hang power cleans
50 double-unders

Rest 1 min., then:

3 rounds of:
10 kipping handstand push-ups
10 dumbbell shoulder-to-overheads
50 double-unders

♀ 35-lb. dumbbells ♂ 50-lb. dumbbells

At the 10min Mark Athletes will go directly into

CF Quarterfinal #3

120 Wallballs (20/14)
120 Cal Row

***25min Cap For Total Time

Partners May Splitwork