For Distance: (estimate best as possible if you don’t have a marked out area)

On a 30min Clock:
0:30 Run Hard pace
2:00 Moderate race pace
0:30 Walk/slow pace

*Challenge yourself to not walk
*Challenge yourself on the hard sprint


if you can try and to complete outside and also keep noise to a minimum and met your brain relax:

40min stretch sequence: hold each pose for 4+ mins.
-Half Saddle (both legs)
-Pigeon pose (both legs)
-Forward fold
-Downward dog
-Up dog
-Couch stretch
-Side twist
-Puppy Dog

dont worry about how you look or how inflexible you are just use this time to work on that and relax


8min alt Tabata:
-Flutter Kicks (6″-12″ window)
-Sit ups

rest 2mins

8min Alt Tabata
-Front Plank Hold
-10 Shoulder Taps in Front Plank Hold

Rest 2mins

Accumalate 8mins in the bottom of an active Squat

*Tabata is :20 Work/:10 Rest