Personal Training

Why Performance Training?
-One on One movement assessment to improve all functional movements.
-If you want to train for a specific event. (Competition, Lifting Meet or Physical Fitness Test)
-Specific goal setting and nutritional advice.
-Want a personalized program 

What to expect from Performance Training?
Performance Training (PT) sessions are one hour long. They consist of mobility, warm up, a workout (Determined by client’s specific goal), cool down. You will have individual attention from our coach that will lead you through the workout and critique your movement. The performance training route is for clients who need a little more attention on movement or have very specific goals to achieve! The coach will be there to manage your time spent in the gym and keep you moving towards your goals set forth as an athlete. If you are interested in Performance Training Use the Contact form below to set up an initial consultation. Flexible Hours are available for Performance Training outside of current class times. Reduced rates are available for current CFNC community members.

Examples of specific goals:
-Weight Loss
-Overall Health improvement
-Training for a specific event

Improvements in all Lifts/Skills such as:
-Back Squat
-Muscle Up
-Double Unders
-Clean and Jerk
-Handstand walk
And just being generally AWESOME!!!

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