Why Train With Us?

When selecting a CrossFit gym it is important to know that not all are the same. It is crucial that you look at the credentials of the coaches, the programming the gym offers, and the commitment to members to determine if a specific CrossFit gym will give you the results you desire.

Here at CrossFit North Charleston, our coaches are knowledgeable about the foundations of health and fitness and have been involved in sports and CrossFit for several years. Our coaches are passionate about what we do and aim to push our athletes everyday with safety in mind. Also, all coaches at CrossFit North Charleston regularly participate in professional development through attendance at seminars, reading of scholarly journals and consultation with other fitness professionals. Learn more about our coaches here.

The programming of workouts at CrossFit North Charleston is cyclical in nature. This means we focus on specific aspects of fitness like strength, power, or gymnastics for 4-8 week periods while maintaining a focus on overall cardiovascular health and strength development. Our workouts are varied but we do NOT simply pick workouts that look fun, difficult, or fancy. We take time to strategically plan our workouts to address all areas of fitness (strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy). By focusing on different aspects of fitness we will provide a solid program that will cater to athletes of all levels. Whether a person is walking into a gym for the first time or looking to fine tune the skills he or she already has, we want to all members to continually see progress toward their personal fitness goals.

Another aspect that sets CFNC apart from other local boxes is our commitment to our members. We regularly communicate with members to know their personal goals and offer suggestions and tailor workouts accordingly. Because our staff is small, we are able to constantly communicate with each other about members’ progress and programming. Also, we will seek formal feedback from our members twice per year through anonymous online surveys. We want to know how we’re doing and how we can make our services even better.

A final recommendation when choosing is gym is to actually go there. Is the staff welcoming? Are the pictures they post actually pictures of their gym? Are their athletes working hard and seeing results?

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